Bracelet Mix Set - Aperol

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Matching our favorite Aperol cocktail we serve you a tangy bracelet stack with beads in Neon Coral, Indigo Blue, Frosted Pink and Gold. It teams up with one Darling Disc and True Temple bracelet made of twirled yarn in Neon Coral.

Here you can have a closer look at each of the bracelets:

1. Be Blush - Lolli Mix 2
2. Darling Disc Gold - Indigo Blue
3. True Temple - Neon Coral
4. Amalfi - Fiore

The Amalfi and Be Blush bracelet with carabiner are about 16 cm long and can be extended up to 2 cm. The True Temple and Darling Disc bracelet are adjustable in size. The gold plated disc has a size of 8 mm. All metal pieces are 24k gold dipped made in Germany and Italy.

Mix and match! Since we had far more time than you to select our favorite bracelet stacks - and still discover new ones every day - we put together our most beloved ones in a set of three or four.


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