First things first! Hi there, it's me - Katarina. I’m a Berlin girl - yes, born, raised and pretty much never left. In 2018 I decided to launch my own jewellery label starting with some simple colorful bracelets of high quality and low price. 
On a holiday trip to the beautiful island of Bali I picked up some of the colorful tassel bracelets for my friends, myself and my business. Back then I was managing the jewellery label TomShot with two stores in Berlin. The feedback was great and so I got started.

Coming up with a brand name was a challenge. Especially since all matching domains seem to be taken by people you want to make money by reselling it to you (no, thank you!). One notebook of discarded ideas later I finally had something that felt good at first sight and on the next day and the next.

Blush Indigo combines two of my favorite colors: Blush Rose and Indigo Blue. Put together they look even better. That is why all my bracelets are available in my two signature colors. Within two weeks I had my designs ready and named, secured the domain and had a brand logo made. Finding a good, reliable supplier in Bali took slightly more time and effort. Island people are very relaxed you know. But when I want something … well just picture a dog with a bone.

So these days I’m spending 2-3 months a year in Bali, where my production is based. 
All bracelets are handmade by Balinese men and women who work from home. This way they can be with their families and have a steady income. It was clear from the beginning that I wanted no factory made bracelets. All my artisans are from the moslem minority in Bali, who are famous for their craftsmanship. I'm working closely with my producers in Bali and check in on the production whenever I'm on the island. In my videos on Instagram you can see how much work goes into making one tassel alone.

It's funny how things work out sometimes and you might end up were you started. As a little girl I used to have a small box full of crystal gemstones that I treasured very much. I collected all sorts of colorful stones and made little bracelets out of them. Had someone told me then that I would still be doing this as a grown-up, my 6-year old me would have been delighted.

Steve Jobs was absolutely right. “You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Drop me a line anytime.

Terima kasih!

A special thanks to Kristina Tokar who made it all possible by giving my brand a face. And a very beautiful one too.