Libra Zodiac Necklace with Pink Tourmaline

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Loving Libra,
you adore to adore and to be adored. You can hold a poker face, you're inteligently diplomatic, you pay attention in every situation. You are refinded, charming and love an idealistic approach to life. Your mission on earth is to promote peace and protect the delicate harmony of the universe. You might seem like a people pleaser from time to time – that's only because you want to make people happy. As a flirt with a smart mind, you find beauty and romance in the most mundane things.

Words that describe you: optimistic, charming, romantic, diplomatic and sincere. Your birthstone, the Pink Tourmaline, stands for charity, peace and abundance

The 1,3 cm high-polished disk pendant shows the star constellation of the zodiac sign. Attached is a circular birthstone that measures 2-3 mm. The chain made of 18k gold-plated 925 silver is 45 cm long and can be extended by 2 cm.

The gold plating is high quality, so you will enjoy your necklace for a long time. We always recommend that you take off your gold-plated jewellery when showering or exercising.