Leo Zodiac Necklace with Peridot

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Lovely Leo,
your self confidence needs no one to tell you you're a queen. You're easily spotted in the crowd. Visually your energy shines just like the radiant, life-giving sun that rules over you. Vigorous and proud, you are generous with a large heart. You love your independence, compliments and consistency. You are hooked by courage and loyalty, wilderness and vivid passion. Fearless and fierce, you brave a challenge like no other and protect your loved ones like the lioness you are.

Words that describe you: creative, enthusiastic, proud, confident, fearless, a born leader. Your signs stone, the light green Peridot, stands for happiness, love, and protection.

The 1,3 cm high-polished disk pendant shows the star constellation of the zodiac sign. Attached is a circular birthstone that measures 2-3 mm. The chain made of 18k gold-plated 925 silver is 45 cm long and can be extended by 2 cm.

The gold plating is high quality, so you will enjoy your necklace for a long time. We always recommend that you take off your gold-plated jewellery when showering or exercising.