November Birthstone - Necklace Citrine

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November belongs to the yellow shimmering Citrine and is assigned to the zodiac sign Scorpio. It stands for joy, imagination and manifestation. Citrines are believed to improve your mood and appreciate your surroundings, which is quite appropriate for the month that includes Thanksgiving. Giving a citrine as a gift is a great way to tell someone that they radiate joy and make you experience their joy.

The chain is 42 cm long and can be extended by 2 cm. It is made of 925 silver and 18k gold plated. There may be minimal color variations as the 2-3 mm stones are always unique in their shape and color. Each month has its birthstone and each gemstone has its own superpowers. Choose the gemstone that suits you best. You can choose according to your birth month, your zodiac sign or ascendant, or according to the properties of the gemstone.

Make it your own creation! You can personalize many of our bracelets with birthstone and letters.