Gemini Zodiac Necklace with Pearl

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Generous Gemini,
you are the queen of talking and verbalizing. Understanding and affectionate; words and touch are very important to you. You are a self energizer and never bored when you're on your own. Most likely you'll call up all your friends because you are always in the mood for a good conversation. You are extremely clever with words, outgoing and open-minded. You love flirting and prefer brains over beauty. You hardly ever get mad, but when you do, your evil twin takes your place. You are here to spread the wide knowledge you naturally hold and make the world a better place.

Words that describe you: knowledgeable, curious and optimistic, clever with words, outgoing, open-minded. The precious pearl, your sign's stone, is a symbol of purity, positivity and balance.

The 1,3 cm high-polished disk pendant shows the star constellation of the zodiac sign. Attached is a circular birthstone that measures 2-3 mm. The chain made of 18k gold-plated 925 silver is 45 cm long and can be extended by 2 cm.

The gold plating is high quality, so you will enjoy your necklace for a long time. We always recommend that you take off your gold-plated jewellery when showering or exercising.