Bracelet Mix Set - Leaf Green

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Each bracelet of our collection Sweet String, Take a Twist, Darling Disc and Be Blush breezes the air of a fresh spring day with a color palette composed of Mint Green, Ocean Green and Pastel Green. For more variety we added beads and nylon yarn in Glossy Pink, Frosted Coral, Turquoise und Gold.

Here you can have a closer look at each of the bracelets:

1. Be Blush - Lolli Mix 3
2. Take a Twist - Mint Coral
3. Sweet String - Martinique
4. Darling Disc - Ocean Green

The bracelets with carabiner are about 17 cm long and can be extended up to 2 cm. All metal pieces are 24k gold dipped made in Germany and Italy. The bracelets Sweet String, Take a Twist and Darling Disc are adjustable in size.