Bracelet mix set - Happy silver

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Don't worry, be happy! Our silver Happy Mix Set will put a smile on your face. Colors in neon pink, turquoise, ocean green and white make the good mood set complete.

Click here for the individual bracelets:

1. True temple with smiley
2. Candy Letter - Happy silver
3. Sweet String - Silver Lining
4. Darling Disc - Neon Pink silver

Our bracelets look great solo, but even better combined. That's why we've put together our favorites for you in handy mix sets.

The temple bracelet made of nylon and circular 10 mm smiley pendant can be adjusted in size by a knot closure. The same applies to the Sweet String bracelet. The Happy bracelet is elastic. It has no clasp and can be easily pulled over the wrist. Darling Disc bracelet is made of colored nylon ribbon and a circular plate. The pendant measures 8 mm and is fixed in the center, so it can not slip. The size of the bracelet can be adjusted with two knot closures and is 24 cm long.