Bracelet Mix Set - Cherry Blossom

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Are you a Cherry Blossom Girl? One Be Blush bracelet with beads in Coral, Gold and a shimmering Ivory teams up with one Sweet String and one Take a Twist bracelet featuring the same spectrum of colors. The Bali temple bracelet is a lucky charm and shall protect you.

Here you can have a closer look at each of the bracelets:
1. Be Blush – Block Mix 6
2. Sweet String – Vivid Orange
3. Take a Twist – Apricot Creme
4. True Temple - Coral Rose

The Be Blush Bracelet about 17 cm long and can be extended up to 2 cm. All metal pieces are 24k gold dipped made in Germany and Italy. The bracelets Sweet String, True Temple and Take a Twist are adjustable in size.