Bracelet Love Letter with Birthstone - Creme Blush

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A B C D … Make this light creme nylon bracelet your new darling by choosing up to four letters of your choice. The 6 mm circular letter pendants are available in gold and silver. Just enter your letters in the box provided. We also have a "Love Letter" in our assortment: For a circular pendant with a stamped heart, leave a # sign.

You can further personalise your bracelet with a birthstone. Each month has its birthstone and each gemstone has its own superpowers. Choose the gemstone that suits you best. You can choose according to your birth month, your zodiac sign, your ascendant or according to the attributes of the gemstone.

The bracelet is about 24 cm long and adjustable with two knots. All metal pieces are 24k gold dipped made in Germany and Italy. Note that every letter pendant is hand-stamped and therefore as unique as you are.