Hoop Earring Classic Collection - Twist gold 11 mm

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The 11 mm Twist creole in gold-plated 925 silver is an everyday piece from our Classic Collection. Thanks to the click clasp, it is easy to handle. With its twisted surface, the Huggie earring is a perfect match for the smaller 6 mm Creole Twist. Our model wears the 11 mm creole on her right side of the ear and the 6 mm creole on her left side.

We love filigree ear jewellery and prefer to combine our various creoles and stud earrings criss-cross with each other. That's whywe sell most of the pieces individually. Would you like to order the earrings as a pair? Just choose 2 pieces.

All earrings and hoops are made of 18k gold plated 925 sterling silver.